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 Cyprus Larnaca Overview

Once a quiet seaside village, Larnaca (Greek: Larnaka) is today a major tourist center and a booming city bustling with activity. After the partition of the island in 1974 and the closure of the Nicosia International Airport, the Larnaca Airport was expanded to become the major international entry point on the island. The population has more than tripled in the last 20 years and continues to expand into outlying areas. The marina right on the main waterfront is well equipped. Its more than 400 berths attract many summer sailors, as well as yearround boaters who winter here in its wellprotected harbor.

In the 1940s, the importance of Larnaca was overshadowed by the port cities of Famagusta and Limassol and, as one traveler noted, the city had fallen asleep. But the modern-day invasion of the island by the Turkish army proved to be a turning point, stopping the city's decline. Refugees from the 1974 invasion swelled its population, which is now estimated at around 60,000.


Its port was enlarged, but more importantly for the city, an old unused airport runway to its south was hastily repaired and a new terminal set up to meet the urgent need of reestablishing air links after the closure of Nicosia International Airport during the invasion. The Nicosia Airport, today in the no man's land between the island's divided communities, is now used only by the UN peace-keeping force which mans a buffer zone along the island's Green Line.

Fifty days after Easter, Larnaca bursts into activity as it celebrates KatakLysmos, a festival unique to the island. Some say the ceremony, in which people flock to the sea and sprinkle each other with water, is in memory of Noah's salvation from the Flood. Others say it is a thinly disguised pagan festival, perhaps to celebrate Aphrodite's birth or the resurrection of her lover Adonis.

Whatever its roots, Kataklysmos is an event which provides for five days of spirited festivities. At this time an annual fair takes place along the shore promenade, and the city organizes numerous concerts around town.

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