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 Living in Larnaca

Larnaca Seafront is vaguely reminiscent of the Continental promenade, with its line of mature palms and its languid air of sleepy charm. Cafes and tavernas line the area near the sea, making this popular spot with     visitors and Cypriots alike during the long Summer. Nearby is the Marina, frequented by yachtsmen from all over the world. At  the western end of the promenade is the town's 17th century fort, which now houses the Larnaca Mediavel Museum.

At the home of the island's main International airport, Larnaca offers many visitors their first taste of Cyprus. One of the first sights is the beautiful salt lake, home in the cooler months to colonies of graceful flamingos and other migratory birds.



Beside the lake, in a tranquil setting crowned by lush palms, is the Hala Sultan Tekkesi, built to the memory of Prophet Mohammed's aunt. Larnaca's links with Christianity go back to the very beginning, for the town's first bishop was none other than Agios Lazaros, who chose to live his second life' there after Jesus had raised him from the dead.

A church builtin his name exists on the spot where his remains where said to be found. Larnaca's District Archaeological Museum and the Pierides Foundation Museum exhibit particularly interesting antiquities. The town's marble bust of Zeno, after the philosopher who founded the famous Stoic School, bears testimony to another famous son.

Stavrovouni, one of the oldest and most dramatically sited monateries in Cyprus, founded by Saint Helena, is within reach of Larnaca. Pearched atop a mountain it has stunning views in all directions. In accordance with the strict monastic tradition observed by this particular order, women are not allowed inside Stavrovouni Monastery.
A visit to the village of Lefkara, famed for the lace-like embroidery known "Lefkaritika" that was said to captivate Leonardo da Vinci, is also a treat.


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