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Motor Vehicle Insurance is the field where Atlantic is undoubtedly a leader, justly gaining the reputation of the most reliable and hassle free company.  Offering a complete range of schemes at competitive prices and backed by an experienced and efficient personnel the motor department of Atlantic offers its customers advantages that cannot be matched by its competitors.

Motor premiums represent 60% of the insurance business of Atlantic.  In the year 2001 it reached the figure of CYP 3m. This annual premium turnover places Atlantic among the top 5 out of the 35 companies operating in Cyprus.


It should be noted  that Atlantic is profitable in motor, whereas most other Insurance Companies are facing losses.  Proper management, experience and expertise are the factors  that have contributed to these enviable results.  Atlantic can also boast to be  the fastest Insurer in the  settlement of claims and for having the fewest cases taken to court for settlement .

Policies offered

A.Third Party

This policy meets the minimum legal requirements in respect of the Insured's liability for death or bodily injury to third parties and damage to property.

B.Third Party Fire & Theft

In addition to Third Party cover, it also covers loss of or damage to the Insured Vehicle caused by fire, self-ignition, lightning, explosion, theft or attempted theft.


This is the top of the range policy offered to our clients, providing cover for accidental damage to the Insured Vehicle over and above the covers stated in A and B. This policy, in particular, may be enhanced and extended by a number of optional benefits, at very reasonable additional premiums, as described below.  

Additional Benefits (optional) 

1.       Breakage of  glass in Windscreen and other windows  

      If this extra cover is added to the policy, indemnity for such damage does not affect the No Claim Bonus you are entitled, whereas the Excess Amount under the policy is not applied.   

2.       Personal Accident Cover

      This cover is usually  offered to the Insured and Wife/Husband to provide cover whilst he/she is driving the Insured Vehicle and they would otherwise not be covered by the Policy. A  CYP 10.000, CYP 20.000 or CYP 30.000

cover can be selected.

3.      No Claim Bonus Protection

      This optional cover aims at protecting the Insured against losing his/her No Claim Bonus entitlement in the event of submitting a claim, subject to certain restrictions as to the number of claims allowed over specific insurance periods. 

4.       Loss of Use of the Insured Vehicle following an accident

5.       In the event of an accident involving a duty free car we pay for duty paid spare parts necessary for the repairs

6.       We cover medical expenses of the driver in case of accident.   (all other passengers are covered according to relevant law)

Over and above we always offer a prompt, friendly and 24hrs service.

We are happy and proud to enjoy for 18 consecutive years, the confidence and the backing of our main Reinsurer – Munich Re – number one Reinsurer worldwide

9, Gregori Afxentiou Ave, P.O. Box 41003, under Frangiorgio Hotel, Larnaca - Cyprus
Tel: +357 24 655800 Fax: +357 24 627346, Email:
info@cyprusproperties.com.cy , Website : http://www.cyprusproperties.com.cy
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