Capital Gains Tax Calculator

This tax calculator is designed to give you an indication of your capital tax when selling a property in Cyprus.

The capital gains tax is imposed on a 20% fixed rate on profit made from the disposal of immovable property in Cyprus. By entering details about the selling price, cost of purchase, other costs, and your potential allowances you can approximately estimate how much capital gains tax is applicable to you.

Detailed information

Exemptions (lifetime allowance)

Individuals are exempt from profit acquired upon the disposal of immovable property once off in their lifetime, as follows:

  • €85.430, disposal of a dwelling house (under conditions)
  • €25.629, disposal of agricultural land by a farmer (under conditions
  • €17.086, disposal of other property

Non taxable disposals

The following are exempt from capital gains tax:

  • transfer in contemplation of death (inheritance succession)
  • gift made between spouses, parents to children and relatives within 3rd degree affinity
  • gift made to a company whose all shareholders are and continue to be for at least 5 more years, members of the disponer's family
  • gift made from a company whose all shareholders are members of the same family to its shareholders provided that the company acquired the property as a gift
  • gift made to charity institutions, to the Republic or to a political party.
  • exchange of property provided that the gain is used for the acquisition of another property and the gain is subtracted from the cost of the acquired property and the tax is paid upon the sale (under conditions)
  • expropriations of immovable property
  • transfer in the case of a company's reorganization
  • transfer of a missing person\s estate
  • transfer of immovable property between individuals whose marriage has been resolved by a court decision
  • transfer of immovable property due to loan restructuring (under conditions)

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