Transfer Fees and Stamp Duty Calculator

This tax calculator is designed to give you an indication of your tax liability when buying a freehold property in Cyprus.

Transfer fees are payable by the purchaser for registering the acquired property on his/her name. Property transfer fees are calculated on the basis of the property’s market value (Land Registry Valuation) on the date of purchase. if VAT is paid on the property, no Property Transfer Fees are payable.

Stamp duties is tax paid by property purchasers when the property sales agreement is registered with the land registry.

Calculation breakdown

Transfer fees

Property value (€) %
Up to 85,000 3
85,001 - 170,000 5
Over 170,001 8

The Cyprus Parliament announced the abolishment or reduction of the property transfer fees on the following cases:

  1. Total exemption from transfer fees, if the transfer relates to a transaction that is subject to VAT
  2. In case a transaction is not subject to VAT (e.g resale property), the legislation provides an exemption of 50% on the amount of transfer fees. This exemption is taken into account by the calculator.
  3. In case a property is registered as a sole property in a Company & the transaction involves the purchase of that company/property, then the buyer receives a total exemption from transfer fees.

Stamp Duty

Property value (€) %
First 5,000 0
Above 5,000 Up to 170,000 0.15
Over 170,001 0.20

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