AQUA Residences: Towers to Rise 'Within' the Sea in Larnaca

Written by Trifonas Mamas, MRICSUpdated 21 July 2023

Two new residential towers, each 67.7 meters tall with a total of 20 floors, are set to enrich the coastal front of Larnaca. These towers, named "AQUA Residences," will also include dining areas, a swimming pool, a gym, and a spa. The project is owned by SOLVIN LTD, which has submitted an Environmental Impact Study to the Environmental Authority, and the project is currently under public consultation.

According to the study, the estimated cost of the proposed project is approximately €40 million. The coastal plot where "AQUA Residences" will be developed is located within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Larnaca and falls within the limits of the Local Plan of Larnaca.

It's worth noting that, in parallel with the study submitted for the proposed AQUA Residences project, a similar study has been conducted for the enrichment of the beach in the area of the plot under study. The beach enrichment is something promoted in the Larnaca Area Plan and is essential for the creation of the "coastal promenade" mentioned in the Plan.

The proposed project will consist of two multi-story buildings of 20 above-ground levels, approximately 67.7 meters high, with a mixed area of 27,224 sq.m. The two buildings will include:

  • Residential Apartments (114 in total)
  • Gym and Spa
  • Dining Areas
  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Landscaped Areas
  • Vehicle Parking Spaces
  • Roof Garden

It is clarified that AQUA Residences will include a total of 114 apartments, with one, two, and three bedrooms. The ground, mezzanine, and parking levels will be unified and common for the two buildings. Additionally, the proposed project will include two underground spaces (of one level) in the western part of the development plot, where electromechanical equipment will be installed.

Construction work is expected to begin upon the issuance of the required permits and is estimated to last approximately 2 years (24 months).

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