Taxes when Selling a property in Cyprus

Written by Trifonas Mamas, MRICSUpdated 27 June 2022

Taxes when Selling a property in Cyprus

1. Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Capital gains tax applies on the profit made on the sale of a property at the rate of 20%.

You can find our transfer fees calculator below:

2. Expenses for the provision of necessary documents to the buyer

Typically, a seller of property will need to provide the buyer with the following:

  • Land Registry Search (for Mortgages or other charges): range from €10 to €50,
  • Copies of Architectural & Site Plans and previous contracts obtainable from Land Registry: €5 to €40,
  • Lodging of a general power of attorney: €50,
  • In addition, the law obliges sellers to present to the buyer an energy certificate of the property being sold. The cost of this ranges from €300 – €500.

3. Payment of debts, utilities and taxes

When selling a property any outstanding amounts for debts, utilities and taxes must be cleared. For example, a debt covered by a mortgage on the property amounts due to the developer of the property, any balance to the management committee for communal expenses, amounts due to the authorities for water, electricity, refuse collection etc.

4. Professional Services & Fees

The typical fees paid are those of an estate agent and a lawyer which both are agreed between the seller and the professional.

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